LORD K.K aims to "get you to know something you didn't know before",
using IT, with a focus on online business.

It's a share economy matching application which connects tourists and guides from all over the world,
providing new travel experiences and value.
Tourists can use RootTrip to communicate freely with locals at their destination,
and experience the unique guidance locals have to offer.

Let's travel.
Let's show people around.

3 Service Concepts

  1. 1. Making it easier for people to meet in their journeys.
  2. 2. Anyone can become a guide.
  3. 3. Making great use of free time.

Let's enjoy
special travel experiences!

Adventuring in localities around the world

RootTrip can be used for travel in Japan and around the world. Enjoy travel experiences you won't find in a guidebook!

It's common not to know where members participating in an event are living.
By using SYUUGO, you can share an URL for a published event, get members to input their information,
and an intermediate point will arise from nearby train stations, making it easier to get together.

Making things easy
for secretaries

In the past, you'd need to use separate tools in order to organise event locations, select stores,

adjust schedules and confirm attendance; now, you can do it all with just one tool.

Web Develop

We excel at responding to the following:

* The emergence and rapid penetration of smartphones and tablets

* Significant cost reduction due to improvements in cloud & computer performance

* No longer choosing a location to connect to the Internet